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When a Pretty Horse faces a Harsh Reality.


What do you do when you’re a member of one of the best known Transgender Rock bands to have come out of the united states and the band suddenly goes on Hiatus?


I don’t know if anyone can really say why ATPH ended.  As with the end of any band rumors ran rampant:  Venus was launching a solo career, the band was in financial trouble, lack of new material, and of course the infamous musical differences with Jendeen and Tempest wanting to go in a more “metal” direction.  While the first three reasons have some basis in truth the last is somewhat cloudy.  While Tempest and Jendeen love the more metal material we were quite happy working within the vision of ATPH and relished the power and energy of the music that was created.  This was a “band” this was seen as a whole and the parts were intended to strengthen that whole, we always approached the material to give the best of ourselves both on and off stage, sadly that appears not to have been enough.  So what do you do when the dream that you have been part of ends?


If your Tempest and Jendeen of All The Pretty Horses you simply dig in and decide to form an even more rocking, more aggressive, more visual band out of the ashes of what you had been part of.  In February 2006 ATPH had our final show before going on full hiatus, shortly there after they decided to resurrect Tempest’s original band Harsh Reality which had been on hold for the past few years while Tempest worked with ATPH and found herself in a new role.  Indeed the last time Tempest had taken the stage with her own band it was as “Glen Crane” a hard core rocker boy who was struggling to deal with a few things stuck on the inside that needed to come out.


Harsh Reality was always about being true to yourself.  We are not happy to walk through life living it as an illusion and not showing your true self.  We don’t believe anyone should live like that, it will make you fall apart or fade into the background.  This is a band that believes in what we are doing, what you see on stage is simply who we are with the volume turned all the way up to 10.  This isn’t about being one thing or another, this is about being “You”, if that is straight, gay, trans… whatever that is who you should be and be the best you can be.  We commit 100% on stage, nothing is saved for the trip home, its like a one hour long race ran at a sprinters pace. We are who we are and are not about to worry about what other people think. Somehow we think people might just like that.


If you lucky when a dream ends someone picks up on that dream and makes it their own.  We owe that to Venus, she let us be part of ATPH which was a fantastic and at times frustrating ride.  Perhaps we continue on in a way somewhat other than she would have intended, but that’s what’s fantastic about a dream or a vision, everyone who shares it, learns from it, takes away something different and makes a part of their own dreams. 


Harsh Reality is our passion now, our vision, our dream.  We take the passion and the energy that we already held and add to it the energy that results from a dream denied, a potential unfulfilled.  Some would say we are trying to prove something.  We would tend to agree with that.  We want to prove that its ok to live your life as yourself, we want to prove that just because Jendeen and I are Transgendered it doesn’t mean that we have to be weak or frail, indeed being a woman has nothing to do with weakness, and we feel that we can more than stand toe to toe with the metal boys.  We want to prove if you believe in something and you’re willing to fight for it you really can win.  The key is you just never give up.  It seems to be working a little more than a month after the new band debut our schedule is almost too full with several showcase events including the main room at First Ave July 21st as part of the Das-Spidahl fashion show http://www.das-spidahl.com and shows with June 195th with The Peppermint Creeps and July 1st with PIG (featuring Ramond Watts of KMFDM.) Fan response has been great, Harsh Reality will continue to be working with national and international acts, a new album is quietly in the works behind the scenes, a UK tour is being planned with the Gender Optimized Jade Starr of Australia as well as a return to NYC and possible west cost tour. Unlike ATPH who remained fiercely independent Harsh Reality is open to management and label interest should the right opportunity present itself. Our website www.harshreality.us is up and running with dates and other goodies and you can visit us on MySpace as well and get to know each of us a little better (links are on the website). 


In closing we have to say we miss all the friends and extended family we found in ATPH and it’s so good to see so many of you come out to see our new project.  We are not about to fade away quietly, in fact we are rather noisy about the fact that we are still around and playing out often.  This is the new band, this is Harsh Reality, if you don’t like it Back the F**K off.


Tempest & Jendeen

Harsh Reality